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Different Types of False Ceiling or Dropped Ceiling

Different Types of False Ceiling or Dropped Ceiling

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

A dropped ceiling or false ceiling is very much popular these days. You can often see these ceilings in offices, homes, shopping complexes, theatres and at restaurants etc. These are generally the second ceiling, hung below the main structural ceiling. The area above these dropped ceiling is called the plenum space, as it is sometimes used for HVAC air return. This space is commonly used to connect piping, wiring and the duct in offices and at other places.

Benefits of false ceiling: A ceiling helps to cool the room. When the height of the room or hall is too much, by using false ceiling you can reduce the height. It also helps in reducing the capacity of the air-conditioner, covering the upper area also has the multiple advantages such as concealing the wiring, fixing light frames, air-conditioner ducts, security cameras, and other fixtures. It also gives a nice a beautiful texture to the ceiling and provides a base for all kinds of decorative electric lights and fans.

Different types of false ceiling

1) Thermocol ceilings

2) Gypsum ceilings

3) Armstrong ceiling

4) PVC ceiling

5) Wooden ceilings etc

Earlier, wooden ceilings were more in use and most preferred. Presently, you can choose from various options including bamboo sheets, jute, coir-ply, plaster-of-Paris, plastic, particle boards, decorative aluminium panel, asbestos sheets, etc. There are mainly two types of ceilings-Grid and Plain. Grid ceiling are those, in which channels and the ceiling materials are fixed and can be seen. However, the grid work remains hidden.

You can use the ceiling as per your budget and requirements. The most cost effective ceiling material available in the thermocol. It costs around Rs. 20 to Rs. 25sq.ft., along with aluminium channels. Whereas, imported ceiling material such as Armstrong can also be used. They are expensive, but offers a nice and attractive design.

Aerolite false ceiling materials, made of calcium silicate are hundred percent humidity resistant and non-combustible. This will cost around Rs. 65 to Rs. 85 per sq.ft. Gypsum boards are lightweight, thermally insulated, sound insulated and fire resistant.

However, in plaster-of-paris and gypsum boards, you can decorate the sides and corners with attractive designs. The material is smooth and support lighting. But, the main drawback with such kind of ceilings is they are less durable and discolour with time.

PVC ceilings are made from robust plastic material known as PVC. Such ceilings have long life and lasts for more than ten years with low maintenance. This is a cost effective alternative for regular ceiling. This ceiling panels are weather friendly, it keeps you warn in winter and cool during the summer. These panels are available in different colors and designs to make your ceiling more attractive.

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