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Tips to Save on Hotel Expenses in Singapore

Tips to Save on Hotel Expenses in Singapore

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

When it comes to Singapore, it is absolutely not a rumor that this beautiful city is one of the most visited destinations in the world. It is one of those places, which has a perfect amalgamation of everything. This is the reason that large numbers of travelers around the world love to visit this magical city so as to witness its incredible beauty. Moreover, this gorgeous place is worldwide famous for its charm, pleasant weather, exciting hangout spots and last, but not the least cordial hospitality. Yes, ranging from luxury hotel chains to boutique budget hotels, this amazing destination provides you enormous variety of accommodation options to choose from. However, if you are also planning to explore this extraordinary city, but still worried about your accommodation expenses and holiday loans, nothing to worry at all.

Read this article further to know about the useful tips of reducing your hotel expenses in Singapore.

Tip 1-Book During Off Season

One of the best ways to reduce your expenses on hotel in Singapore is by booking your accommodation in off seasons. In peak seasons, it is absolutely not easy to find a reliable accommodation as travellers from various destinations visit this city. So, if you do the bookings in off seasons, you can not only get an accommodation easily, but you can get the cheaper one. Not only this, you will find a lot of budget hotels in the city that offer affordable packages to the vacationers during off seasons as well. So, make your booking 3-4 months prior to peak seasons so as to get the heavy discounts on accommodations.

Best time to get off-peak hotel packages in Singapore are-August to October and March to May.

Tip 2 Decide Your Stay

Have you ever noticed that why prices of the hotels differ a lot just like a roller coaster ride? Well, it depends upon your preferred check-in dates during the week. Yes, different hotels target different customers. For some hotels, business segment is important and for some leisure segment. So, in a business hotel, it is easy to get a cheap accommodation during weekend, while on the other hand in a leisure hotel, you can save a lot, if you book your room during weekdays.

So, you need to be flexible with your travel dates whenever you do the hotel booking. However, if you are planning to visit this beautiful city just for a weekend, it is highly recommended to stay at business hotels so as to save more on accommodation. As far as amenities and facilities are concerned, these budget hotels provide you with best of services so as to make your stay highly enjoyable.

Tip 3-Prefer Hotels Located Outside the City

The best thing about Singapore is the fact that it has plenty of budget hotels, located in the outskirts of the city that cater the needs of cost-conscious travellers. Yes, hotels nestled in these areas or districts usually provide best accommodations at lower rates. However, instead of being located in the outskirts, these hotels share the close proximity to local transportation and shopping areas. Rest assured because these hotels are equally good just like the hotels located in the famous areas of the city. So, just look for the hotels in the outside of the city so as to have a budget stay.

Some of the popular districts of Singapore, where you can find cheap accommodations are-

  • Geylang / Joo Chiat
  • Changi
  • Lavender / Kallang
  • Little India
  • Chinatown

Tip 4- Search for Budget Hotels

If you want to save your expenses on stay, it would be advisable to you to search for the budget hotels. If you think that Singapore only has luxury and opulent accommodation options, you are absolutely wrong. With the help of doing the thorough research, you can easily find the affordable hotel chains here, offering you the best hospitality just like any other luxury hotel. These budget hotels will help you save a lot on your stay in Singapore.

Tip 5-Call Hotel Directly

In order to save more on hotel expenses, you can directly call the hotel, instead of believing on the information available online. With the help of doing so, you can get the exact information about the amenities and fares offered by a hotel. Not only is this, in fact you can grab the great deal also that sometimes difficult to get during online booking.

Tip 6-Compare Hotel Deals/Packages

The best way to reduce your hotel expenses is by comparing the deals or packages offered by different budget hotels. Once you start comparing many hotels, you can see the price difference, the amenities being offered to you and a lot of other facilities. With the help of comparing many hotels, it becomes easy for you to get an affordable deal for Singapore, hence you can save a lot on your accommodation.

Tip 7-Ask for free Meal/Complimentary Breakfast

It is important to ask for free meals or complimentary breakfast from the hotel. Many times these things are already included in your package, but many times they are not. So, there is no harm in asking for free meals or complimentary breakfast because if you do so, you can save your expenses on meals or morning breakfast.

Tip 8- Compare Hotel Rates

One of the best things to do so as to save on the hotel expenses is to compare the fares offered by different hotels. Do not trust or go with one hotel, try to compare as many hotels with their fares as possible so as to have an idea what prices other hotels are offering. Through this way, one can get the best budget hotel at best price.

Tip 9-Check Hotel Rates Thoroughly

In order to save more on your hotel expenses, it is quite essential for you to thoroughly check the hotel fares so as to know whether the hotel is charging for the free services or not. Yes, you need to figure out that the cost of some free services such as meals, wi-fi, etc is not included in your deal. A hotel should not charge you for free things, so check each and everything deeply so as to save more on your hotel expenses.

Tip 10-Negotiate on Prices

There is no harm in negotiating the prices being offered by different hotels. Once you negotiate for the prices with the hotel, you might get the best deal. However, if you don't have enough funds with you, you can also apply for personal loan with your respective bank. With the help of taking a personal loan for the travelling purpose, you can cover all your expenses quite well.

Tip 11-Take the Advantage of Cheaper than Cheap

Yes, you have to be smart enough to find the best alternative for cheaper than cheap. And, to take this advantage so as to have a budget stay is finding the private rooms in hostels. Yes, you heard it right. Usually hostels are considered as noisy, filthy and lack in privacy, hence are overlooked by many vacationers or travelers. But, this is absolutely not the case with hostels available in Singapore as they are well-equipped, modern and clean. Ranging from a single traveler to group of four, these kinds of accommodations are perfect for all, and help you to save many bucks in Singapore.

So, always keep these useful tips in mind, whenever you book your stay in Singapore because these tips will not only help in making your stay affordable, but will make your trip unforgettable for sure!

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