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Best Way to Use a Credit Card in Coronavirus Lockdown

Best Way to Use a Credit Card in Coronavirus Lockdown

Last Updated : Oct. 3, 2022, 5:12 p.m.

After the implementation of the lockdown, online shopping websites have delayed their delivery. So, it has become quite difficult for the credit card users to use their credit cards on online shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many more. But there is a way out to use the credit card on other online websites that are selling essential goods like Pharmeasy, Medlife, Netmeds, Grofers, Amazon Food Section, and BigBasket. All these websites have great offers and exciting discounts on different credit cards and this is the best way to use a credit card in Coronavirus Lockdown. Not only will you earn reward points on the various transactions but also discounts on various online portals.

Various Shopping Portals to Use Credit Cards During Coronavirus Lockdown

You can see the various options where you can use your credit card even during the lockdown. There are some shops that supply essential goods so you can swipe your credit card on the POS machine for shopping.

Grocery Stores :- All the grocery stores are opened during the lockdown. So, you can swipe your credit card at the POS machine of the grocery store and purchase some of the essential goods for yourself and your family. If your credit card has to offer of reward points then you’ll earn certain reward points on the transaction you have done at the grocery store.

Medical Shops :- The government has allowed the medical shops to be opened during the Coronavirus Lockdown. So, you can make the payment of the medicines using the credit card instead of making the cash payment. The Coronavirus can spread through cash as well so it is better to use your own credit card for payment.

Petrol Pumps :- There are some credit cards that have a fuel surcharge discount of 1%. So, if you are going to the refilling stations then you can use the credit card for making the payments. You can enjoy the fuel surcharge waiver and avoid the cash payments. As per the government guidelines, all the petrol pumps are open during the lockdown.

Grofers :- Grofers is an online portal for groceries where you can order the grocery products online. So, you can even order Grofers to avoid visiting the stores and make the payment through the credit card. Not only it will help to keep social distancing but also you can earn extra discounts and cashback on the payment from your credit card.

BigBasket:- Bigbasket is also an online shopping portal where you can buy necessary food items online. In order to overcome Coronavirus, it is necessary to maintain social distancing. Therefore, you must order the necessary food items from BigBasket and make payment through your credit card instead of visiting the stores. BigBasket also has great deals on different credit cards including cash back and discounts.

Amazon Food Section :- Amazon has been closed for delivery except for the food section. You can order food from Amazon as it has a variety of grocery products. Use your credit card in Coronavirus Lockdown to make the payments and check the deals on the credit card to enjoy discounts and cashback.

PharmEasy :- PharmEasy is an online portal that has thousands of medicine available online. You can select the needed medicine and place an order for it. Try to make the payment through credit cards because you might get discounts and cashback. It is an effective way to use your credit card even during the lockdown.

Medlife :- Medlife is also an online shopping portal for medicines. So, you must order medicines on Medlife instead of visiting the local medical shop. All the medicines are available at a discounted price and you can even enjoy more discounts if you make payment through a credit card. Therefore, your credit card will earn you discounts and cashback even during the lockdown.

Netmeds :- The only way to beat Coronavirus is to maintain social distancing and it could be only possible if you stay at home. So, you must order medicine through Netmeds rather than visiting the nearby medical shop. Netmeds has exiting discounts on the medicines and it gives you an extra discount on making the payments through credit cards. Therefore, it is the best way to use your credit card and enjoy great deals even during Coronavirus lockdown.


Now you know all the best ways to use a credit card in Coronavirus Lockdown so start making the use of your credit card. You must first check the deals on various online portals and then place the order whether ordering medicines or grocery items. All the online portals have deals on credit cards and make sure you use that credit card only that matches the online deal.

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