Slice Credit Card vs Lazypay

The credit card segment is continuously booming. Every day there is a new launch or innovation in the sector. Slice Credit Card vs Lazypay is also in the race. Both of them come with no joining fees which attracts a large section of the population.  

The Slice Credit Card comes without any joining fee or annual fee. It aims to provide a 2% instant reward on every transaction to the customers. Additionally, it offers thrilling reward points that can be redeemed for cashback. Lazypay is supported by VISA and issued by SBM Bank. It strives to give clients financial freedom. It is a very viable alternative for online shoppers because it allows for easy credit access. Furthermore, Lazypay’s primary focus is on financially underserved customers. It is meant to be addressed to them. 

Both of them share their own qualities. Those qualities differentiate one from another. Dive deeper into this article to understand in depth about Slice Card vs Lazypay.

What Is the Difference Between a LazyPay and a Slice Credit Card?

Slice Card vs Lazypay both includes exclusive cashback offers for customers. However, there are certain minor differences that make a difference.

Here is the Slice Credit Card vs Lazypay basic differentiation: 

Points of DifferenceSlice Credit CardLazypay
Citizenship Status The applicant should be Indian.The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
Credit Card LimitSlice Credit Card’s maximum limit is up to Rs. 10 lakhs and the minimum limit is Rs. 2000.The maximum limit of Lazypay is set at Rs. 5 lakhs.
Income SourceYou should have a suitable income level. It is necessary to balance your income level to apply for Lazypay.
Minimum AgeThe applicant should need to be 18 years old to apply for the Slice Credit Card. The minimum age requirement to apply for Lazypay is 18 years old.
Split Bill Payment With a Slice Credit Card you can split bills into three equal installments.You did not have to pay any additional fees because of Split Bill Payment. It makes it possible to enjoy benefits without worrying about money.It doesn't include a split bill payment feature.
Welcome BenefitsSlice Credit card doesn’t come with any welcome benefits. With Lazypay you will get Rs. 500 as a welcome gift.
Documents RequiredAddress Proof, ID ProofApplicant’s Address Proof, ID Proof, Bank account details, and a selfie of yours.
Reward RateMake a translation and get 2% instant cashback on each of them.In Lazypay you will get from 1% to 5% cash back on all your transactions.
CIBIL ScoreThe CIBIL Score must be 750 and above.-
How long does it take to get the card?After submitting the required documents you will get the approval. It will just take 40 seconds. The bank will than verify all the documents and rectify them. Further, the bank will provide approval for the Slice Credit card. Afterward, within 48 hours the card will be delivered to the applicant.Simply download and install the Lazypay AAP. Go to the KYC option in the app and digitally complete your 2-minute KYC. It is a completely simple and quick procedure. You will immediately receive your Lazy Aap virtual card. The card is valid for online purchases. In addition to the virtual card, you will receive a physical card.
EMIWith the Slice Credit Card, you may purchase anywhere and pay off your bills in 3 equal installments without paying any extra charge.Lazypay provides flexible EMI options.
Lifetime Free CardSlice Credit Card is a lifetime free card. It comes with no joining fee or annual fee which makes Lazypay a lifetime free card.
Dining OffersNo dining offers are associated with the Slice Credit Card. It doesn’t offer any dining offers.
Fuel Surcharge WaiverSlice Credit Card doesn't include any fuel surcharge waiver.It doesn't include a fuel surcharge waiver.
Booster Feature It doesn’t have a booster feature. Lazypay credit card comes with a booster feature. Here customers can open a fixed deposit account. It helps them to boost their credit line and credit scores.
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Slice Credit Card vs Lazypay- Fees and Charges

Slice Card vs Lazypay provides instant cashback to customers. Also, there share similarities like no joining fees and EMI options. However, there are other fees and charges that differentiate one from another. 

Here are the Fees and Charges structure of Slice Credit Card vs Lazypay: 

Fees and ChargesSlice Credit CardLazypay
Joining FeeNILNIL
Annual FeeNILNIL
Finance ChargesNILNIL

Who can apply for a Slice Credit Card vs Lazypay? 

It is important to have knowledge of general things. Here is the eligibility criteria for Slice Card vs Lazypay: 

Slice Credit Card – Both Salaried and Self Employed individuals can apply for the Slice Credit Card.

Lazypay – Only salaried individuals can apply for Lazypay.

Customer Care Number of Slice Credit Card vs Lazypay

Slice Card vs Lazypay are backed up with customer care. We can raise queries or ask questions or clear any doubts.  Here is the customer care number for Slice Card and Lazypay: 

Slice Credit’s customer care phone number is 08047096430. You can call this number at any time for help or ask a question. However, as per the company policy, Slice does not request any type of OTP, card information, or other personal information over the phone.

In case you want to raise a query or ask any question you can write an email to [email protected].


Slice Card vs Lazypay is linked to giving the highest level of client satisfaction. Despite this, they both have distinct qualities that set them apart from one another. Slice Credit Card aims to provide instant cashback and a split payment facility to customers. It is done so that they can shop without worrying about the cost. Lazypay, on the other hand, also offers customers rapid cashback. It is regarded as one of the best online shopping cards. Furthermore, Lazypay offers flexible EMI options as well as welcome gifts.

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