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Things You Need to Know About Co-Branded Credit Cards

Things You Need to Know About Co-Branded Credit Cards

Last Updated : Dec. 7, 2023, 4:26 p.m.

Many of you will surely agree on the fact that today a lot of credit cards are easily available for the individuals in the market. Yes, there are plenty of credit cards options for you to avail, hence comes a state of confusion, wherein you have to pick one credit card among many. Moreover, each passing day, a variety of cards are being launched in the market, and among this wide variety comes the co-branded credit cards.

More to the point, in co-branded credit cards two renowned institutions come together and launch single credit card by using their common brand name. Now here arises one common question in the mind of many people, i.e. whether co-branded credit cards are useful to have, and what factors you need to consider so as to apply for them.

Amount of Expense

The first and foremost stage for credit cards includes the expense that can be settled using it. However, it is because of the fact that credit cards are meant for spending, and are not good for other purpose. And, this thing leads to a situation, where the initial point revolves around the expense only, and that will be completed with a co-branded credit card.

Moreover, one thing that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that if your existing credit card serves all your purposes, then there might not be any need for having the additional co-branded credit card.

More to the point, in many cases, co-branded credit cards are used just like any of your ormal credit card, but there could be other credit card, wherein the usage is being undertaken. Hence, this leaves one potential situation where not much use is there for the new co-branded credit card, hence this thing leads to any other additional benefit that can actually coming in for the investor.

Actual financial benefit

Co-branded credit cards give you another reason that why you should opt for them is just because they provide you with the benefit in terms of savings. However, not only one, but there are plenty of reasons to why one should use these co-branded cards. Yes, once you start using these cards, at any retail outlet, they help you to avail plenty of additional rewards and bonus points.

Not only this, huge discounts is also another benefit that you get by using these co-branded credit cards. And, if your card is associated with an airline, you get many travelling benefits as well. Similarly, if your fuel or shopping card is associated with any other brand, you are eligible to get many sorts of benefits and rewards, once you use them.

Cost benefit ratio

More to the point, there is also an important element of expense that will be included whenever you take an additional credit card. Well, this point has to be measured, and then considered so that it will give you the clear -cut picture about the benefits of having it. Well, there might be expense on plethora of fronts, and one of them is the actual expense that is being made in paying the annual fees.

Not only this, other expense include the administration expenses along with the cost of carrying the new credit card, and make sure that the payments are made right on time.

Some Famous Co-branded Credit Cards Issuers


SBI Bank


Kotak Mahindra Bank

Axis Bank

Citi Bank and many more.

Rate of Interest: When it comes to rate of interest, different banks charge you with different rate of interest. In order to choose a best co-branded credit card, you need to start comparing the leading banks mentioned above, so you can easily know their rate of interests.

Hidden Charges: Depending upon bank to bank, hidden charges may also vary. Moreover, some banks charge you with hidden cost, whereas some not.

Features & Benefits of co-branded credit cards

  • Earn unlimited miles
  • Huge rewards & cash backs
  • Highest Level of Security with CHIP & PIN cards
  • Payment of Utility Bills
  • Insurance cover
  • Access to airport lounges across the world
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver
  • Convert purchases to EMI
  • Concierge Services

Co Branded Credit Cards in India

With the presence of many credit card providers in India, it is easy and a hassle-free job for you to avail your favorite co-branded credit card. Well, when it comes to co-branded credit cards, there are many options to choose from. But, while selecting a one, you should pay attention towards deciding your needs. You should pick a card, depending upon your needs so as to use it to the fullest. The best thing about these co-branded cards is the fact that they come to you with maximum benefits and features, as they are a collaboration of different brands, offering unmatched perks to you.


If you don’t find taking a co-branded credit card worthy, try to avoid using it. If your existing card is capable enough in fulfilling your needs plus offers you enough benefits and features similar to your co-branded card, there is no use of having a co-branded card. It’s totally your decision as you are the one who needs to decide what your priorities are?

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