The EPFO share deducted from your salary is accumulated into your EPFO account. But many individuals claim the accumulated funds because of financial emergency. So you can make an online claim for the accumulated EPFO fund. But it is important to check EPFO KYCS which is “know your claim” status once you have made the claim. The EPFO members or pensioners who have claimed the EPFO funds can make use of this facility to track the claim status. There are various steps involved to know the status of your claim. You will have to follow each and every step carefully for EPFO KYC. Let’s move on to the process of knowing your claim status online through EPFO’s official website.

Do the EPFO KYC through the EPFO Official Website

Make sure you have the PF account number before you do the EPFO KYCS. Now, let’s move on to the steps to check the claim status.

  • You will have to visit the EPFO Official website and make the UAN login.
  • Then open the KYC page after making the login.
  • Now choose the EPF Office from where your claim has to be settled and the office will appear in the dropdown list.
  • Then in the first box, the Mandatory Region Code will be filled automatically.
  • In the second box, the office code will be filled automatically.
  • Then enter the establishment code in the third box and it can be a maximum of 7 digits.
  • In the fourth box, you can either enter the Extension Code or the Sub-Code that can be in digits or alphabets with a maximum of 3 characters.  If you don’t have an extension code or sub-code then you can leave the fourth box blank.
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  • In the fifth box, you will have to enter your account number and it can be a maximum of 7 digits.
  • Finally, click on the Submit button to get the status of your claim.

You will get a message at the bottom of the page about the claim you have made. If the system doesn’t have the information about the member ID then it will display a “No Record Found” message. You will also receive the same message if you enter any wrong information whether it is the establishment code or the account number.

Things to Check Before Making the Claim

  • Make an EPF Balance check before making a claim to know the exact value of the accumulated funds.
  • See all the terms and conditions that are related to the claim.
  • Know the exact amount of claims you can make at a particular time.
  • Check the reasons for which you can make the partial claims.
  • Download EPF Member Passbook to know and verify all the entries of the contribution made by the employer into your EPFO account.


Now you know the process of EPFO KYCS and can check the status of your claim. It will be easy for you to know the claim online by visiting the EPFO official website. The status will be shown to you as soon as you enter the Region Code, Office Code, Establishment Code, Sub Code, and account number. The maximum limit of characters is mentioned above which you can see in the steps. After entering the above information you can easily do the EPFO KYC and know the exact status of your EPF Claim.

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