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EPFO UAN (Universal Account Number)


  • Know all about UAN and see how it is helpful to make employee and employer login.
  • See the Advantages of EPFO Universal Account Number for employees and employers.
  • Explore the necessary information related to UAN.

What is UAN? - A Brief Introduction to UAN and its Workings

EPFO is the Employee Provident Fund Organization where the employee and the employer register their selves to make contributions. On the other hand, they need a Universal Account Number also known as UAN to access their EPF account. EPFO UAN is a 12 digit number issued by EPFO so that the employee can access their previous and present PF accounts. You can explore the advantages of a UAN and see how it can be helpful to make an employer or employee login. The Universal Account Number is issued by the Ministry of Employment and Labour under the Government of India. This number helps the employee to gather all the information related to his PF account at one place irrespective of the organization where he works in.

Need for a UAN

Earlier, employees used to get only the PF account number and it became difficult for them to calculate the exact value of their funds. But after the introduction of Universal Account Number, all the PF accounts associated with multiple IDs of different corporate organizations were assembled in one place. Now, an employee can easily withdraw or transfer funds with the help of a Universal Account Number.

Information Related to UAN

  • The employer uses a UAN to authenticate the employee.
  • The employer is not authorized to make any kind of deductions from the employee’s PF as per the EPFO UAN online facility.
  • Once the employee has registered himself on the EPF Member Portal then he can check the contribution made by the employer every month.
  • You can also EPF Balance Check by Sending an SMS EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number.
  • The EPFO is authorized to give a UAN to all the PF account holders.
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Advantages of UAN for Employee and Employer

If you are willing to make an employee or an employer login then you will have to activate UAN. You cannot log into the employee or employer portal unless and until you have a universal account number. So, a UAN helps you to make a successful Employer Login and Employee Login.

  • The employee can view and download the passbook with the help of EPFO UAN.
  • You will have to enter UAN and Password while making an Employee or Employer Login.
  • Employer’s involvement has decreased after the introduction of a UAN.
  • Employees can easily transfer their old PF to the new PF account with the help of a UAN and KYC.
  • After registering at the UAN portal you can easily receive the contribution alerts on your mobile phones through an SMS.
  • The UAN helps the EPFO to track the change in the job of the employee.
  • Whenever you change your job, you will have to link a new PF account to the UAN and the EPFO will update the same in the records.
  • EPFO UAN helps to withdraw and transfer funds online when you change your job.
  • UAN also ensures the authenticity of the employees who are registered in EPFO.


Now, we suppose you have got a clear picture of EPFO UAN and be aware of its importance. You can manage your PF account with the help of a Universal Account Number. On the other hand, the employee and the employer have to activate a UAN in order to log into their account. They have to enter the UAN and the password to make an employee or employer login. So, an EPFO UAN is necessary to access your PF account.

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