HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card


  • Make your Business Trips Cheaper with the help of the HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card.
  • Enjoy Reward Points on the various transactions and access to the airport lounges.
  • Know the payment methods for clearing the credit card bills.

Business trips are a part of almost every business organization. Companies send their employees on a trip to attend meetings or for a new project. Whatever may be the purpose, but the only problem that arises during a business trip is the budget allocation. Sometimes the employees misuse the cash given by the company and sometimes due to scarcity of fund the employee has to spend some money from his own pocket. Therefore in order to tackle this problem, you can use the HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card. Each and every transaction made on a business trip are maintained in MIS and you can keep an eye on it from anywhere. You can have all the transaction reports on the table done during the business trips.

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    Features of HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card

    Let’s have a look at the exclusive features of this credit card and see how it can help you to manage the expenses of your business trip.

    Manage MIS Reports

    • Track all the MIS Report through the tool from anywhere.
    • Make better business decisions through the customized expenses reports and spending category.
    • Get all the details of the transaction at the level of the employee.

    Reconciliation of Transactions

    • Have a consolidated report of all the transactions done worldwide.
    • Integration with the existing accounting system.
    • All the bills will be saved automatically without any paperwork.
    • Quick and Fast processing without any error.
    • Simplify the reconciliation process and all other tasks.

    HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card Offers

    • Enjoy a Credit Period for 50 days.
    • Enjoy the Hotels and Airline bookings at a negotiated price.

    Earn Reward Points

    • Spend ₹150 through this card and earn 5 reward points.
    • Download the Corporate Credit Card Reward Redemption form to redeem the earned points.
    • Up to 10,000 reward points is available for each statement cycle

    Waive Off the Fuel Surcharge

    • Enjoy a Fuel surcharge waiver of 1% at the refilling stations.
    • The maximum fuel surcharge waiver in a month is ₹1000.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The Minimum transaction for the fuel surcharge discount is ₹400.
    • The maximum transaction for the discount is ₹10000.

    Insurance Cover

    • Get an Insurance of ₹1 Crore in case of an Air Accident.
    • Rail and Road Accidents are covered with the amount of ₹3 Lacs.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Air Accident cover will only be given if the ticket has been booked by the HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card.

    Airport Lounge Access

    • Get 6 Complimentary visits to the Airport Lounges outside India under the Priority Pass Program.
    • Enjoy free wifi, food, and relax on the comfortable sofas and recliners.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Applicable charges will occur after the expiration of the complimentary access.
    • The applicable fees will be charged if any other guest accompanies the cardholder.

    Visa and Mastercard Lounge Access Program

    • Get 20 free visits to the airport lounges using the Visa or Mastercard franchise lounge program.

    List of Lounges under Visa and Mastercard

    Name of the LoungeName of the AirportCity Name
    Plaza Premium LoungeSardar Vallabhbhai Patel International AirportAhmedabad
    Travel Club LoungeKempegodwa International AirportBangalore
    The Cram BarChandigarh International AirportChandigarh
    Travel Club LoungeChennai International AirportChennai
    Earth LoungeCochin International AirportCochin
    Blackberry LoungeCoimbatore International AirportCoimbatore
    Bird LoungeJolly Grant AirportDehradun
    Plaza Premium LoungeIndira Gandhi International AirportDelhi
    Plaza Premium LoungeRajiv Gandhi International AirportHyderabad
    Travel Club LoungeNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose International AirportKolkata
    MALS LoungeChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International AirportMumbai
    TFS LoungeDr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International AirportNagpur
    Earth LoungePune International AirportPune
    Bird LoungeTrivandrum International AirportTrivandrum
    Golden Chariot LoungeMaharana Pratap AirportUdaipur
    Premium LoungeVadodara AirportVadodara
    Amaravathi LoungeVijayawada International AirportVijayawada
    CIP LoungeVisakhapatnam International AirportVisakhapatnam
    Good Times LoungeDabolim AirportGoa

    HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card Fee

    The HDFC bank hasn’t specified any fees for the Corporate Premium Card. It varies from applicant to applicant. The bank will disclose the fees at the time of applying for the card because it depends on the offers and facilities you take on the card. At the end of the month, the card fees will be added to the card statement.

    Other Charges of the Card

    Minimum Repayment Charges5% with a minimum of ₹200
    Cash Advance Fees2.5% with a minimum of ₹500
    Revolving Credit Charges2.95% per month
    Over limit Charges2.5% with a minimum of ₹500
    Cash processing Fees₹100
    Card Re-Issuance Charges₹100

    Over Limit Charges

    Outstanding AmountCharges
    Less than ₹100NIL
    Between ₹100 to ₹500₹100
    Between ₹501 to ₹5000₹500
    Between ₹5001 to ₹10000₹600
    Between ₹10001 to ₹25000₹800
    Above ₹25000₹950

    Payment Options for HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card

    As everyone knows that at the end of every month the bill of the HDFC Credit Card is there. So, it becomes necessary for the individual to clear the bills on time. You can use the HDFC net banking or Mobile Application for clearing the HDFC Bank Corporate Premium credit card bills. If you are a non-HDFC customer then you can use the NEFT method for making the payment of the credit card bill.