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HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card

About HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card

HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card is an exclusive credit card for the corporates. This card provides for exclusive benefits that can be very beneficial for those who belong to the corporate world and do not like wasting time over inconveniences. The card provides for a facility of around the clock MIS services which can help the card bearer make better decisions. You can also make way for huge savings by making transactions through this card, bringing down your hotel, travel and restaurant bills. The card also ensures that you earn with every expenditure that you make, making every expense more rewarding and satisfying. The card bearers are also entitled to Fuel Surcharge waivers which ensure that fuel transactions fall a little easy on your pocket than before. The card is an endless pit of benefits and offers. Read on to know more about it!

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Features of HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card

Following are the benefits of HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card:

  • HDFC provides for a 24×7 online MIS service to ensure maximum support and facilitation to its customers. With this facility, you can make up to 60 MIS reports for better-informed business decisions.
  • The card helps you make substantial savings for the business via better negotiations with airlines, hotel chains, much more.
  • You can also streamline accounting procedures by consolidating transaction details from anywhere in the world.
  • It helps you in integrating with the existing accounting systems and working in accordance with them.
  • The bank helps you minimize paperwork and simplify tasks of reconciliation and compliance.

Cardholder Benefits

My Rewards

You can draw 2 reward points for every purchase worth ₹ 150 through your card. However, these reward points will not be accrued for fuel transactions made through the card.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Enjoy the Fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions ranging between ₹ 400 to ₹ 5,000 only, across all petrol pumps. However, the facility of Fuel surcharge waiver is restricted at ₹ 1000 for every statement cycle.

Interest-Free Credit Facility

Enjoy an interest-free credit period of up to 50 days on your HDFC credit card.

Reward Points Validity

The Reward points accumulated by you would remain valid only for 2 years from the date of their accumulation.

Protection through Insurance

Protection from accident using the insurance cover of ₹1 crore on air travel and ₹3 lakhs on rail or road travel accidents.

Complimentary Priority Pass Membership

Enjoy unrestricted access to International lounges through Priority Pass membership. This membership is preferential and allows access which is free of cost to more than 1200 airport lounges across the globe. This membership would entitle the benefit of refreshments and make use of facilities such as that of phones, faxes, and the Internet and conference rooms.

Exclusive lounge access

HDFC Bank provides 8 complimentary domestic airport lounges under its Visa or Mastercard Franchise lounge program.

Fees & Charges

The following fee and charges are applicable on the card:

  • Membership Fee- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Renewal Membership Fee- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Revolving credit limit- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Interest Rate- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Cheque return charges- As per Bank’s Norms
  • De-blocking charges- As per Bank’s Norms

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Corporate Visa Signature  Credit Card

The eligibility criteria followed by HDFC to judge the applicants for the HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card is as follows:

Age limit:

  • Salaried Professionals: Salaried Professionals under the age of 60 years and over 21 years can apply for this credit card.
  • Self-Employed Individuals: Self-Employed individuals under the age of 65 years and over 21 years can apply for this credit card.

Monthly income: It is important for the applicant to have a steady and decent source of income so as to avail this credit card.

Necessary Documents

List of necessary documents required so as to apply for this credit card is:

  • ID Proof- Copy of Passport/ PAN Card/ UID/ Driving License/ Voter’s ID Card
  • Income Proof- Latest Income Tax Return documents/ Form 16/ Salary Slip (for those who are employed in government offices of PSUs)
  • Address Proof- Copy of Passport/ Fixed Line Bill/ Electricity Bill/ UID/ Bank Passbook of a PSU bank
  • Coloured Photographs
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 months

HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card Status

HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card Status is an important detail that talks about the application status of the credit card. Applicants need to b updated with every progress that is made in their credit card application. The bank provides for the facility to check such details via the internet anytime and anywhere. The applicant need not visit the bank every time he/she needs to know about the application status. They can do so by simply using their unique login ID on the customer portal on the bank website. This reduces the hassle of visiting the bank for every inquiry and makes the process of application more convenient and hassle free.

HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card Statement

HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card Statement is a record of all the transactions that have been done through the card. This statement functions as a journal that records every single transaction since the setup of the card. This statement can be used to keep an eye on the expenses being incurred. Also, one could use this statement as a proof of all the transactions, if the need be. This makes it very convenient for the customer to keep a tab on the usage of the card.

Customer Care 24X7 Number

HDFC Customer Care is a robust and prompt division of the bank which takes care of the queries and concerns of the customers pertaining to its products. One can get in touch with them through the official website of the bank. The toll-free numbers provided by HDFC can also be found on the website of the bank. Alternatively, if you want to sort out certain issues in person, you can always visit the nearest HDFC branch and get in touch with their executive for your concerns.

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