SBI Credit Cards for Travel

We all enjoy traveling, but the expenses keep us from doing so. However, banks have been assisting individuals in various ways to fulfill their dream of traveling. SBI Card has always distinguished itself from its competitors by offering affordable yet feasible credit cards. The travel credit cards launched by SBI are backed with intense reward points on air ticket bookings, annual fee reversal, a priority pass program, complimentary airport lounge access, and many more exciting offers. Furthermore, users are extremely pleased with the SBI Credit Cards for Travel. We have discovered and listed the Best SBI Travel Credit Cards that you will undoubtedly appreciate.

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    Dive deeper into this article to learn all about the SBI Travel Credit Cards.

    Top SBI Travel Credit Cards

    There are different SBI Credit Cards for Travel that have been created to cater to different travel needs. Whether you want to travel via air, bus, or train you will find each credit card listed below that would assist you.

    Here are the Best SBI Credit Cards for Travel:

    IRCTC SBI Card Premier

    The IRCTC SBI Card Premier is a co-branded credit card that SBI launched in collaboration with IRCTC. It is thus created to provide top benefits that are better and more satisfying. This credit card was designed with the aim to provide perks while traveling on the railway. Using this card you can avail of benefits such as a fuel surcharge waiver, insurance coverage, complimentary lounge access, and many more.

    These are the advantages you can avail of the IRCTC SBI Card Premier:

    • This SBI Travel Credit Card comes with a joining fee of Rs. 1499 + GST.
    • As a welcome gift, you will get Rs. 1500 reward points which are equal to Rs. 1500.
    • For the railway tickets, you purchase from IRCTC Mobile App or website you will get up to 10% back for AC1, AC2, AC3, and AC CC.
    • Every Time you spent Rs. 125 on the utility you will get 3 reward points.
    • For all the non-fuel retail purchases of Rs. 125 you will get 1 reward point.
    • If you make annual travel spends of Rs. 50,000 you can earn 2500 reward points. Further, 5000 reward points will be rewarded if you spend Rs. 1 Lakh annually.
    • Get insurance coverage for rail accidents up to Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 50 lakh for sir accidents. However, you will be protected by fraud liability cover insurance i.e. Rs. 1 lakh.
    • By booking railway tickets through you can save up to 1%.
    • For airline ticket bookings save up to 1.8% on transaction charges by booking via
    • Get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver across India.
    • Complimentary railway lounge access up to 8. However, it is limited to 2 per quarter.
    • Book railway tickets via IRCTC SBI Platinum Card online and the tickets will be delivered to your doorstep.
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    Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

    The Club Vistara SBI Card Prime is one of the Best SBI Credit Cards for Travel. In addition, it is one of the best premium credit cards launched by SBI in partnership with Vistara Airlines. You can earn various rewards here in different categories. It was created to make traveling more affordable and convenient. Further, this is one of the best SBI Credit Cards for Travel that is equipped with highly rewarding offers in the travel category.

    Below are the Club Vistara SBI Card Prime benefits and features:

    • The Club Vistara SBI Card Prime can be obtained by paying Rs. 2999 annual charges.
    • You will get an E-Gift Voucher for 1 Premium Economy ticket as a welcome gift. However, to get it you first need to join the credit card by paying the annual fees.
    • For all the spending you will incur you will get 4 CV Points. Further, the spending should be Rs. 200.
    • On spending of Rs. 75,000 you will get 3000 CV Points. The spending, on the other hand, should be made within 90 days of card issuance.
    • Earn a chance to get 1 Premium Economy ticket. For this, you need to make annual spends worth Rs. 1.5 lakhs, Rs. 3 lakhs, Rs. 4.5 lakhs & Rs. 8 lakhs.
    • If you reach the annual spending of Rs. 8 lakh you will get 1 Hotel E-Voucher from Yatra worth Rs. 10,000.
    • On your Club Vistara Membership Account, you can get bonus CV points. However, for this, you need to reach the spending threshold within 15 days.
    • Under the comprehensive insurance coverage you will get 6 cancellations per year, each limited to Rs. 3,500.
    • Get protection for air accidents up to 1 crore.
    • Complimentary Priority pass membership worth $99. Further, 4 visits per year which are limited to 2 per quarter.
    • Domestic Airport Lounges up to 8 every year. It is thus limited to 2 per quarter.

    Etihad Guest SBI Premier Card

    The Etihad Guest SBI Premier Card is one of the best travel credit cards as it is specially designed for people who travel frequently through Etihad Airways. So, if you are the one who prefers Etihad Airways you should give it a try. With this credit card, you will get exclusive discounts and benefits on flight bookings.

    Keep reading the below-mentioned points to know more about the Etihad Guest SBI Premier Credit Card:

    • This travel-friendly SBI Credit Card can be availed by paying a number of Rs. 4999 joining fees.
    • As a welcome gift you will get 5000 Etihad Guest Miles.
    • Get Etihad Guest Gold tier status at no cost on post-first card transaction.
    • For Etihad Airways Booking you will get 2 free wi-fi vouchers.
    • Spend Rs. 100 on and get up to 6 Etihad Guest Miles.
    • On making international spending up to Rs. 100 every time you will get 6 Etihad Guest Miles.
    • Except fuel for all other spendings you make up to Rs. 100 you will get 2 Etihad Guest Miles.
    • A 10% discount is available on Etihad Airways bookings.
    • For Economy Class, you will get a 3% discount and a 10% discount for Business Class.
    • Get an instant discount of 10% on travel rewards miles redemption.
    • Spend Rs. 150,000 in a calendar quarter to earn 1,500 Etihad Guest miles.
    • Milestone benefit of 1 companion voucher for achieving annual spending of Rs.8,00,000..
    • Insurance protection for air accidents up to Rs. 50 lakh.
    • Complimentary membership to the Priority Pass Program worth $99.
    • Domestic Airport Lounge Visits up to 4. However, it is limited to 2 each quarter.
    • International airport lounge access up to 1000.
    • Fuel surcharge waiver of 1% across all the petrol pumps in India.
    • Enjoy domestic visa lounges up to 8 as complementary. You can redeem it 2 per quarter.

    Yatra SBI Card

    SBI Credit Card for Travel range has been enormously revolving. The bank has kept on updating its travel credit cards to make it handier for you to avail. The Yatra SBI Card was launched keeping the same purpose in mind. Thus, if you want a credit card for a low joining fee you can obtain it. It is the best SBI Credit Card for low-income. In addition, it is backed with all the perks and privileges.

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    Mentioned below are the pointers that we have detailed so that you can learn about the benefits of the Yatra SBI Card:

    • It comes with a nominal joining fee of Rs. 499.
    • Welcome gift e-vouchers worth Rs. 8250.
    • Make a minimum translation of Rs. 5000 and get Rs. 1000 off on domestic flight bookings.
    • Get 4,000 off on international flight bookings on a minimum transaction of 40,000.
    • Up to 20% on domestic hotels on the transition of Rs. 3000.
    • Spend Rs. 100 on Departmental Stores, Grocery, Dining, Movies, and Entertainment and get 6 reward points.
    • Spend Rs. 100 on other categories and get amazing reward points.
    • Air accident protection of Rs. 50 lakhs.
    • In India get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver.

    Delhi Metro SBI Card

    Delhi Metro witnesses heavy traffic every day. It is one of the buzziest metro stations in India. To make it more feasible for you to travel, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has co-partnered with the SBI. The collaboration has brought out the Delhi Metro SBI Card. It is one of the Best SBI Travel Credit Cards that comes with an automatic recharge facility. Whenever the card cash goes down Rd. 100 the Delhi Metro SBI Card will automatically recharge itself. Additionally, it is equipped with welcome gifts, reward points, fuel surcharge waivers, and many other exclusive benefits.

    Here we have provided a few pointers that best describe all about this one of the Best SBI Credit Cards for Travel:

    • Get it by paying Rs. 499 annual fees.
    • The welcome offer includes Rs. 50 cash on the Delhi Metro Smart Card.
    • Reward points up to 2000 by spending RS. 2000 in 60 days.
    • Automatic recharge of Rs. 200 when the balance reaches Rs. 100.
    • You will receive 10 reward points for purchases at the movies, restaurants, and dining.
    • Get 1 reward point for all other spending.
    • Enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver.
    • On your annual spending of Rs. 1 lakh the annual membership fee would be reversed.
    • Delhi Metro SBI Card Alters on your mobile phone.

    Air India SBI Signature Card

    You can reap most of the AIR India SBI Signature Card benefits if you are a frequent traveler. Since it was designed to serve both domestic and international travelers. This is the best credit card that you can obtain to get exclusive reward points on flight bookings. Perhaps this credit card is backed with benefits such as lounges access, priority pass membership, Airmiles, and so on.

    These are the Air India SBI Signature Card benefits and features:

    • To obtain the benefits of this one of the best SBI Credit Cards for Travel, you must pay a joining fee of Rs. 4999.
    • Welcome gift will contribute 20,000 Reward points.
    • Get Air India Frequent Flyer program-Flying Returns complimentary membership
    • Spend Rs. 100 and get 4 reward points.
    • Annually get 1 lakh bonus points.
      Accessibility to convert reward points into Air India Miles.
    • Book air tickets through, the airindia mobile app, and get 30 reward points.
    • Reap 30 reward points for booking air tickets for yourself.
    • Earn 10 reward points when you book an airline ticket for someone else.
    • Access to 600 airport lounges with Airport Luxury Lounge Access.
      Priority pass program at no cost.
    • Get Visa Lounge Access Program in India at no cost.
    • There are up to eight domestic VISA lounges in India, with two opening each quarter.
    • Get instant 30 reward points credited within 45 days from the date of the transaction posting
    • Spend Rs. 100 on SuperSaver booklets and receive 10 reward points.


    SBI Card provides credit cards that cater to a wider perspective of individuals. From your day-to-end needs, you can find you’re every need listed here. So far the bank has been leading the market and has reached a step ahead through travel credit cards. The SBI Credit Cards for Travel that we have discussed above can be availed by providing minimal requirements. However, you should discuss the ban or go through the official website to get aware of that. Furthermore, if you require assistance, you can contact the bank by dialing the SBI credit card customer care number.

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