HDFC Infinia Credit Card vs YES First Exclusive Credit Card


  • Check the differences between HDFC Infinia and YES First Exclusive Credit Card.
  • Compare their annual and renewal fees and other charges.
  • Explore all the offers of these cards and choose any one card as per your needs.

There are many millions of people in India who use credit cards to enjoy credit limits and great offers on them. On the other hand, some individuals prefer credit cards to have free access to domestic airport lounges. But there are two credit cards and they are HDFC Infinia and Yes First Exclusive that gives you unlimited access to the airport lounges. So the people are confused between these two cards. Therefore, you can take a look at the major differences between HDFC Infinia Credit Card vs YES First Exclusive Credit Card. You must see other offers available on these credit cards so that you can have a clear picture of both of them.

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    Comparison of HDFC Infinia and YES First Exclusive Credit Card

    Basis of DifferenceHDFC Infinia Credit CardYES First Exclusive Credit Card
    Welcome Benefits- You can enjoy a Free Membership of the Club Marriot on this credit card.
    - Earn a Discount of up to 20% on dining and staying across Asia-Pacific under this membership.
    - Enjoy a Discount of 15% for up to 10 Guests at hotels under this membership.
    - Get Reward Points of 50000 as a welcome benefit on this card.
    - On every Renewal of the Card enjoy 40000 Reward points.
    Traveling Benefits- Get Unlimited Access to the Airport Lounges present in India and Outside India under the Priority Pass Program.
    - Enjoy a foreign markup fee of 2% on foreign currency transactions.
    - Get Unlimited Visits to the Airport Lounges in India through this Yes Bank Credit Card.
    - The Add-on Cardholders can also enjoy this offer.
    - Enjoy Free access at the 25+ Airport Lounges in India.
    Lifestyle Benefits- You can enjoy unlimited Free Golf games at premium courses worldwide.
    - Have Global Concierge Assistance for your travel, entertainment, and business experiences through this HDFC Credit Card.
    - Dine at the premium selected restaurants.
    - Get a free membership of Taj Innercircle Epicure through the YES First Exclusive Credit Card.
    - Get Staying and Dining privileges at the Taj Group of Hotels.
    - Enjoy 3 Free Golf Games at the selected golf courses in India.
    - Get 1 Free Golf lesson every month at the selected golf courses in India.
    Reward Points Earnings- Spend ₹150 and get 5 reward points.
    - Have 10X your reward points on travel and shopping transactions through Smartbuy.
    - Get 2X reward points on dining at the selected restaurants.
    - Have 12 Reward Points on every ₹100 spent on Travel Agencies, Dining, Tour operators, and Domestic Airlines.
    - On the expenditure of every ₹100 on other categories enjoy 6 Reward points.
    - Register yourself on YES PayNow and earn 1000 Reward Points.
    Insurance Cover and other Benefits- Get an Insurance Cover of ₹3 Crores in case of death in an Air Accident.
    - Have Overseas Hospitalisation cover in case of an emergency of up to ₹50 Lacs.
    - Get Credit Liability cover of up to ₹9 Lacs.
    - Get 25000 reward points on spending ₹20 lacs in a year.
    - Have a discount of up to 25% on the movie tickets booked from BookMyShow.
    - Get a discount of up to ₹1000 in a month on the fuel surcharge at all the refilling stations.
    - Get a Death Cover in case of an Air Accident of ₹3 Crores.
    Get ₹50 Lacs cover in the case of a medical emergency overseas hospitalization.
    - Enjoy a Credit shield cover in case of the accidental death of the primary cardholder.
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    Fees and Other Charges of HDFC Infinia and YES First Exclusive Credit Card

    FeesHDFC Infinia CardYES First Exclusive Credit Card
    Joining Fees₹10000 + GST₹10000 + GST
    Renewal Fees₹10000 + GST₹10000 + GST
    Waiving Off CriteriaSpend ₹8 Lacs in a year and waive off the fees.There is no waiving off criteria.
    Add-on Card FeesNILNIL
    Finance ChargesAs per Bank’s Norms1.99% per month
    Cash Advance Fees2.5%2.5%
    Foreign Markup Fees2%1.75%

    Eligibility Criteria of Both the Cards

    HDFC Infinia Credit CardYES First Exclusive Credit Card
    The Infinia Credit Cards are offered by an invitation to their potential customers from the HDFC Bank.- Minimum Age of 21 Years.
    - Maximum Age of 60 Years
    - Individuals must have a net monthly income of ₹4 Lacs.
    - A Cibil Score of 750 and Above
    - Must be an Indian Resident


    Once you have gone through the difference between HDFC Infinia Credit Card vs Yes First Exclusive Credit Card then it would be easy for you to make a one-sided choice. You must also check the eligibility criteria and fees of both cards so that can easily apply for them. Both of these credit cards have exclusive benefits and you can apply for a card as per your choice. Make sure that you have a good Cibil score if you are applying for these cards.

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