YES Bank BYOC Credit Card - Benefits, Eligibility, Charges

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card

YES Bank has recently launched the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card. BYOC stands for ‘Build your own Credit Card’. Therefore, it is a completely customizable credit card that allows you to choose the benefits and look of the card. In addition, it is equipped with benefits such as travel, rewards points, lifestyle perks, and much more. Hence, you can now treat yourself to the benefits by creating your own card. Furthermore, it comes in two variants: a Metal Card and an Eco-friendly Card. The Metal Card costs INR 3499, while the Eco-friendly Card costs INR 249. It is entirely up to you to select whichever option you prefer. Furthermore, you can personalize your card with benefits and merchant offers based on your preferences.

Dive deeper into this article to understand in depth about the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card.

What is the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card?

We are all aware that credit cards are popular these days. Every user relies on credit cards at some point in their lives. Further, from purchasing a mobile phone to a car, a credit card helps us a lot. Therefore, with that growing trend, customizable cards have been launched in the market. They are more feasible, convenient, and allow users to build the card as per their preference.

YES Bank has already a range of YES Bank Credit Cards that are marking phenomenal growth. Consequently, to meet the demands YES Bank has recently launched the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card. It comes in two forms: a metal card and an eco-friendly card. Moreover, it can be used for digital payment. You can also use this card to select offers based on your plan.

The YES Bank BYOC Credit Card is different in that there is no cap on cashback or reward points. This means you can earn an unlimited amount of cashback or reward points. Besides that, the reward points you will receive will never expire.

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card: Benefits and Features

YES Bank Build your Own Credit Card has repayment options, a subscription plan, lounge program, a golf program, and many more. However, it is one of the Best Credit Cards that is available to customize and backed with exclusive privileges.

Below we have explained the different kinds of benefits you can avail yourself of from the YES Bank Build your Own Credit Card:

Pick Your Card

The BYOC Credit Card comes in two forms i.e Metal Card and an Eco-Friendly Card. However, the Metal one is a premium credit card and the Eco-friendly comes with a nominal joining fee.

Choose Your Card Image

With the choose image option for your card, you can specifically choose an image that reflects your vibe. Further, you have also an option to go with the stock image. The images are pre-uploaded in the image gallery. However, this option is only available for the Eco-friendly card.

Pick Your Benefits

You have complete feasibility to choose either unlimited cashback on your card spends or never-expiring reward points. Furthermore, here are the detailed benefits you can pick from:

  • If you choose the cash-back option you can earn 1% cashback for all transactions.
  • For choosing rewards options you can thus earn up to 8 reward points for every INR 200 spent on all transactions.

Complimentary Lounge Program

These are the lounge visits you will get within India:

  • Get a domestic airport lounge visit up to 1.
  • Complimentary Domestic Airport Lounge access through the MasterCard Lounge program.

Mastercard World Golf Program

Following are the perks you would avail yourself of from the Golf Program:

  • You will receive four complimentary rounds of golf per year. However, it is only applicable to a few golf courses in India.
  • Every calendar month, you can get up to one free golf lesson. This is also available only on a few golf courses in India.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • Get up to a 1% fuel surcharge waiver across all the petrol pumps in India.

Lifestyle Perks

Avail great offers from categories such as shopping, travel, dining, wellness, and many more. For example, Cashback on Paytm, Discount voucher for Zomato, Offers on BookMyShow, Discounts on Lemon Tree Hotels, and many other exciting offers.

Contactless Technology

BYOC Credit Card is enabled with NFC Technology. Further, it is backed with a contactless technology feature. It ensures a fast, safe, convenient, and secure payment gateway.

Secure Online Transactions

You can create a unique 3D Secure Password. As a result, you can use MasterCard SecureCode to protect your online transactions.

IVR Transactions

Easily generate passwords for IVR Transactions. Simply create an OTP and send an SMS ‘YESIVR last 4 digits of your YES BANK Credit Card number’ to 9212738927. However, the message should be sent from your registered mobile number.

YES Cart

  • Enjoy Retail Therapy and earn Bonus Reward Points when you shop online at your favorite merchants with Yes Cart.

Customer Service

Contact YES Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number at any time. It is, therefore, open 24 hours a day to resolve the issue of customers.

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card: Eligibility Criteria

The credit card eligibility you require in order to reap the benefits of BYOC Yes Bank Credit Card is as follows:

  • Age: To apply for the BYOC Card the minimum age should be 18 and a maximum of 60 years.
  • Occupation: Both Salaried and Self-employed individuals are eligible to apply for the BYOC Yes Card.
  • Income: Salaried individuals should be earning around INR 25,000 per month. Further Self-employed individuals should have an Income Tax Return of INR 7.5 Lacs and above.

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card: Fees and Charges

YES Bank has kept a separate fee and charges structure for the BYOC Eco-friendly Credit Card and BYOC Metal Credit Card. However, you only have to pay One Time Fee for BYOC Card and further pay out the monthly subscription fees.

You can check the fees for the Yes Bank BYOC Credit Card below:

Regular CardNIL
Eco-friendly Card INR 249 + Taxes (One Time Fee)
Metal CardINR 3499 + Taxes (One Time Fee)
Card Perk FeeINR 49
Cash Advance Fee2.5% or 300 which is higher
Late Payment Charges- For an amount less than INR 101 no late payment fee would be charged.
- An amount ranging from INR 101 to INR 500 you have to pay up to INR 150.
- A late payment fee of INR 500 would be implied for amounts between INR 501 to INR 5000.
- From INR 5001 to INR 20,000 pay up to INR 750 as a late payment fee.
- For any amount that is greater than INR 20,001 you have to pay INR 1000.
Interest-Free Period50 Days
Minimum Amount DueEither 5% of total payment due as per the current statement
or 200 whichever is higher
Finance Charges3.5%
Reward Redemption FeeINR 100 per redemption
Re-issue Card- Regular Card: INR 100
- Eco-Friendly Card: INR 349
- Metal Card: INR 3,599
Foreign Currency Conversion Charges3.50%

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card: Monthly Subscription Plan

It is one of the best features of this credit card that distinguishes it from others. You can customize the list of Offers to your specific requirements by selecting Merchant Offers. Additionally, you can also choose and change your plan every month based on your changing needs. Furthermore, you can earn up to 10% cash back on all purchases made at selected merchants on any plan you pick. However, additional image charges are also included in the silver and gold plans. Image charges imply that you can change the image on your card that suits your vibe.

Here is a detailed table that explains the monthly subscription plan for the BYOC YES Bank Credit Card:

PlanFeeImage ChargesOffer
SilverINR 99INR 149You can pick any 2 merchants out of the 5 merchants available.
GoldINR 149INR 149From the 5 merchants you can choose only 3
PlatinumINR 249Not applicable With the Platinum plan you have the availability to pick all the 5 merchants.

Terms and Conditions for the Subscription Plan

YES Bank Build Your Own Credit Card provides Gold, Silver, and Platinum monthly subscription plans for their customers. Further, the customers are free to choose the subscription plan as per their needs and choices. However, there are certain guidelines that the customer should need to know about the subscription plan.

Mentioned below are the key pointers of the Subscription Plan:

  • BYOC card stands for Build Your Own Card so the customers can choose their own subscription plan.
  • After you opted for a particular subscription plan then the subscription plan will start. Simultaneously, the fees will be charged in the statement generated.
  • It is totally up to you they can change the plan at any time during the month.
  • It is not necessary that you should necessarily pick a subscription plan. Hence, they can choose not to opt for any Subscription Plan. Moreover, they can still apply for the Regular Card.
  • For instance you want to change the subscription plan after the statement cycle begins. Further, in that scenario, the benefits will still be earned. It will thus be earned based on the plan which was there on the first day of the statement.
  • You can unsubscribe from any subscription plan at any point in time.

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card: Key Privileges

The key privileges you will get from the BYOC Credit Card are:

  • Instant EMI: The YES Bank always prioritizes the needs of customers and that’s why we present the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card. It, therefore, comes with an instant EMI feature. Moreover, now you don’t have to worry about the cash anymore. Thus, plan your holiday, purchase items, etc, and repay in easy EMIs. In addition, you can also earn reward points for your transactions that are converted into EMIs.
  • Processing Fees: BYOC YES Bank Credit Card doesn’t have any processing fee charges.
  • Repayment: Flexible EMI tenure of 3 to 24 months to repay the amount. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the repayment.
  • Transactions: For transitions such as INR 1500 or low that can also be easily converted.
  • Interest Rates: The interest rates of the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card ranges from 14% to 15%
  • Documentation: No documentation is required in order to obtain the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card.

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card: Rewards Redemption

Check out the amazing rewards redemption offers:

  • You can redeem your rewards for Flight/Hotel/Movie ticket booking.
  • There is an exclusive catalogue of products from which you can choose.
  • Redeem your rewards points against Air Miles. Further, 8 Reward Points = 1 InterMile and 1 Club Vistara Point.

YES Bank BYOC Credit Card: Credit Card Payments

The Bank has created a different channel for credit card payment for both YES Bank account holders and all other customers. It however allows you to make the credit card payment with more feasibility.

YES Bank Account Holder

  • Yes Online: It is a net banking service provided by YES Bank. Thus, if you have a YES Bank Account simply register yourself for the Net Banking facility. Further, with that, you can make Credit Card payments online.
  • ATM Funds Transfer: Transfer the amount from your Savings or Current YES Bank account to your YES Bank BYOC Credit Card.
  • Standing Instruction: You have the feasibility to submit written instructions to automatically debit a predetermined portion of your monthly outstanding. The bank will then automatically debit a portion from your Savings/Current Account to your Credit Card Account.

Non-Account Holder

  • NEFT/ IMPS/ RTGS mode of payment: You can use NEFT/ IMPS/ RTGS to make payment. Subsequently, transfer funds from other bank accounts to your YES Bank Credit Card.
  • Cheque: Easily make the credit card payment using Cheque. Thus, you need a cheque, put the 16 digits of your YES Bank BYOC Credit Card Number. Further, submit the cheque to your appropriate city.
  • Net Banking: Use Net Banking of any other bank and may pay using the BillDesk facility.
  • Cash Payment: The simplest way is if you didn’t have a Yes Bank Account. Visit any Yes Bank Branch near you and make the credit card payment there.
  • Yes Mobile App: Submit your credit card payment using the YES Mobile App.
  • Yes Pay App: You can use the UPI option to pay the credit card bill.

Why Should You Choose the YES Bank BYOC Credit Card?

The BYOC YES Bank Credit Card is unique in itself. Further, it comes with some of the best offers, discounts, and rewards. In addition, with that, you can design the card as per your wish. Moreover, if you are someone who wants a nominal car you can pick the Eco-friendly variant. It comes with a nominal joining fee and is one of the Best Credit Cards for Low Income.
If, on the other hand, you enjoy metallic cards, you can select the Metal Card. It also includes a luxurious experience, which is why it has a premium joining fee.


YES Bank BYOC Credit Card offers enough benefits to set it apart from the competition. It is a one-of-a-kind card that allows you to make changes from how it looks to all the inside privileges. If you enjoy traveling, you might be able to get free domestic lounge access as well. Furthermore, EMI options, shopping vouchers from exclusive brands, and many other benefits are mentioned above. Furthermore, the pick your benefit option allows you to select the perks that you want.

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